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Criminal Defense

If you are accused of a crime in Madison, it can greatly impact your life. This can affect your freedom, reputation, and relationships. In such circumstances, the guidance of Attorney Dailey Johnson, a criminal defense attorney in Madison, WI, is invaluable. His commitment to your defense is unwavering, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Traffic & OWI Defense

Navigating OWI and traffic offenses in Madison requires a detailed and strategic approach. Such cases hinge on intricate details that demand a thorough analysis. With Attorney Johnson's experience as a criminal attorney in Madison, WI, you receive a defense crafted for your unique situation.

Temporary Restraining Orders & Injunctions

Dealing with a temporary restraining order in Madison is a delicate and urgent matter. Timely and knowledgeable representation is crucial to avoid further legal complications. Attorney Johnson specializes in these time-sensitive situations, providing skilled guidance to protect your interests.

Civil Litigation & Small Claims

Attorney Johnson offers various legal services in Madison for civil litigation and small claims disputes. His experience as a criminal defense attorney in Madison equips him to handle diverse legal challenges.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer

About Law Office of Dailey M. Johnson LLC

Attorney Dailey M. Johnson, a distinguished criminal defense attorney in Madison, WI, offers hope and legal guidance to individuals facing criminal charges. His practice spans from handling serious crimes to assisting those with minor offenses, aiming to preserve their clean records for future endeavors.

With a vast range of experience in criminal defense in Madison, Attorney Johnson has achieved significant results for his clients, including many dismissals of serious felony cases and full acquittals in jury trials. His legal proficiency, relentless work ethic, and strategic insight set him apart as your ideal legal advocate.

Attorney Johnson's philosophy centers on the belief that every person deserves a zealous defense, irrespective of the charges. He acknowledges that people make mistakes and champions the right to redemption. Whether his clients are innocent or regret their actions, Attorney Johnson is dedicated to defending their rights, futures, and reputations with vigor and empathy.

Selecting the right criminal attorney in Madison, WI is crucial. In choosing Attorney Johnson, you align with a lawyer known for his compassionate approach and successful track record. He deeply understands the criminal justice system and has a steadfast commitment to his clients. Ready to tackle the intricacies of your case, Attorney Johnson is your partner in striving for the most favorable outcome.

Reach out to the Law Office of Dailey M. Johnson LLC today for a consultation, and take the first step towards restoring your name, securing your freedom, and protecting your future.

Criminal Defense Legal Team

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Attorney Dailey Johnson

Dailey Johnson

Managing Attorney
Attorney Dailey Johnson, a key criminal defense attorney in Madison, WI, hails from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After earning his degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, he pursued law at Marquette University. His legal journey began as a public defender in Eau Claire, leading him to a Madison law firm where he honed his criminal and civil law skills. Away from the legal world, Attorney Johnson is passionate about the outdoors. He cherishes time with his wife Taylor, their son, and husky Koda. His commitment to the community extends to coaching wrestling at La Follette High School. In his leisure, he enjoys golf, bow hunting, fishing, and following college football. This blend of professional excellence and personal dedication sets Attorney Johnson apart as a leading criminal attorney in Madison, WI. His diverse experiences enrich his approach to criminal defense in Madison, ensuring compassionate and committed representation for his clients.

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